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Vintage Shopping in Florence, Italy: A Guide

Florence is known for being one the wealthiest cities in Europe during the medieval era. It is also known for its plethora of famous fashion designers, like Cavalli, Ferragamo and Gucci.

More recently, Florence has become a must-visit destination for vintage shoppers, adding a richness to the city’s fashion. It is the perfect location for vintage finds, but be warned: They are generally not found on a bargain. Compared to other cities where vintage shopping has become a trend, vintage shops in Florence tend to be a little pricier.

You may be questioning why you should explore the Florentine vintage scene if it is simply going to be expensive. You may as well visit another European city like Amsterdam to get a good bargain. Here’s the thing: Since it is a high-fashion city, you are likely to get your hands on some great designer finds for well under the value of their department store counterparts. Imagine picking up a genuine Gucci purse for a quarter of the price?

A trip to Florence is worth it for all the compliments you will receive from that one great designer vintage find — even if it costs more than you expect to pay in a vintage store. It is all worth it to say, “It’s vintage. I found it in Florence.”

Here are some top spots to find some great vintage in Florence:

1. Marie Antoinette

Located close to the Arno River, Marie Antoinette is run by stylists, and it certainly shows. It is filled with beautiful vintage pieces organized in such a way that colors and textures pop out at the visitor. Here, you will find unique and vintage purses, shoes, accessories and dresses by famous designers like Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Chloe, Versace and Valentino.

2. Melrose Vintage

This enormous store found in the north of the city is divided into a labyrinth of rooms, each designed around a loose theme. Each room is styled using vintage furniture around the theme. You can find retro sportswear, military pieces and wool coats. They have a selection of both men’s and women’s clothing from Barbour and Levi’s. You can also occasionally find some Versace and Valentino in the mix. They also have a second store near the Santa Maria Novella train station.

3. 9 Rosso Firenze

Open since 2014, this small gem is perfect for vintage jewelry-lovers. Near Ponte Vecchio in the center of Florence, this store’s showcase includes not only modern and vintage jewelry but handbags, clothing, lamps and paintings. This is the perfect store to find a unique gift for your partner.

4. Pitti Vintage

This cute store can be found along a tiny side street and showcases an amazing selection of scarves, sunglasses, bags, wallets and bracelets. What’s more, they also stock some swimwear, like vintage floral bikinis. They also stock a great selection for men, such as shoes, ties and leather satchels.

5. Tartan Vintage

This little gem is filled with British influence and stocked with plaid wool scarves, tweed jackets and demure blouses all from the UK. You will find favorites from Barbour and Burberry. However, since this is Florence we are talking about, there are a few local pieces hanging around from Gucci and Loro Piana. As an added bonus, the stereo plays some Oasis for all the British feels.

6. Boutique Nadine

 This vintage store is found near Ponte Vecchio, a tourist favorite that is also frequented by the locals. This store also has a second location close to the Church of Santa Croce for double the vintage. Here, you will find a good mix of secondhand items along with vintage pieces. Although the store stocks predominantly women’s items, there are a few men’s vintage pieces to discover. This gorgeous boutique is beautifully styled and stocked with a wonderful selection of shoes, scarves, sunglasses and bags.

7. Ceri Vintage

Yet another little gem in Florence, this vintage shop can be found in the Oltrarno area. Danilo Ceri runs this stunning store, which is stocked with unique vintage pieces. If you are a vintage-loving stylist, then this is a store you simply have to visit. Even though it holds a lot less stock than most vintage spots in Florence, it boasts unusual items of clothing, textiles and workwear to form an eclectic collection. You can also find a rich selection of military collectibles. It is the perfect store for people who enjoy making their own outfits.

8. La Corte

La Corte is a stunning two-story shop found in a courtyard at the end of a beautiful archway with gorgeously styled display windows. This airy store houses a great deal of both no-name and designer pieces that are so well presented. Plus, if you are well versed in negotiating, you might even walk out with a great bargain.