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How to Find Work Overseas: 10 Ways to Earn While You Travel

If you don’t have the money to travel as much as you’d like, you have the option of working overseas. Finding work along the way to keep you traveling is not as hard as you might think.

When you work overseas, you receive new insight into a country, meet new people and gain a different perspective on the world. If you keep in mind that you’re looking for a job rather than a career, you will be able to find opportunities in most places. Here are some ways to earn while you travel.

1. Teach English

Jobs for native English speakers abound, especially in Southeast Asia. There are many resources online for English teachers and the jobs pay well, are quite flexible and your flight over is typically paid for. You will usually need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate, but you can even earn one online.

You can also use websites to teach people your language from anywhere in the world. A good one to use is Italki.

2. Get Seasonal Work

Tourist season always creates a demand for temporary workers, such as camping guides or instructors in ski resorts. If you ask hotels in the area, you will be pointed in the right direction. Bars and restaurants in places like Southeast Asia often hire travelers under the table to work during busy seasons. Dishwashers, waitstaff and busboys are always in demand. If you have a working holiday visa, you can easily get a job like this in a popular destination.

3. Do freelance work online

There is plenty of competition for online work, but if you build up your portfolio as you travel, you will find more work coming your way. Freelance jobs from a site like Upwork could help fund your travels. Freelancer.com, Task Rabbit, Fiverr and Outsource.com are other sites on which you can source freelance work of all types.

4. Be an au pair

If you love children, becoming an au pair will take care of accommodation, food and give you a weekly paycheck. You will have some free time to travel, explore and maybe even have the chance to go on paid vacations with the family.

5. Be a travel guide

Being a travel guide may require a more permanent commitment. It can be fun, although it’s hard work. You do get to meet plenty of new people and your expenses are paid for while touring. Perhaps you’ll lead tourists on hiking trails or to the best surf spots in the area. Leading a custom travel tour is a good way to earn money, and tour companies are often looking for guides.

6. Work on a yacht or cruise ship

These positions are more long-term. If you want to work on a yacht, you will need to get a certificate to prove you are trained in the basics. If you love the sea and want to travel, this is a great way to see some pretty exotic locations, and you usually have some free time to explore.

Many positions are available on cruise ships, such as hairdressers, lecturers, beauticians, cooks, bartenders and entertainment directors.

7. Do volunteer work

You will obviously not be paid for volunteer work, but you will save money on accommodation and food while making a positive contribution. Go to the website Grassroots Volunteering if you want to find smaller-scale, local volunteer initiatives.

If you join the Peace Corps, you usually sign up for two years and that time is spent in one location. You won’t see the world, but you will get to know another part of the world and receive a number of benefits.

8. Use your skills

Do you have a talent such as dancing, playing the guitar, cutting hair or cooking? You can put your skills to good use. There are people who want to learn these skills all over the world, and you can teach them to earn money. Advertise your services and create your own job.

9. Become a scuba diving instructor

If you are a certified scuba diving instructor, you can find a job in many popular diving destinations around the world. You may be able to pick up a job in Bali or the Caribbean just by going there and offering your services.

10. Become a travel nurse

If you are a nurse, an organization like TravelNursing.com can help you find a travel nurse position that suits your skill set and desired destination. Assignments vary considerably, as does the pay. Many of these jobs last between eight and 26 weeks, and you can earn up to $10,000 a month depending on the location.

Whatever you decide to do in order to travel and see the world, the experience is likely to change your perspective forever. It’s definitely possible to make it happen if you’re willing to be flexible.