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Disturbing Secrets Disney Hides From Parents And Kids

When it comes to movies, nobody does it quite like Disney. This production company has brought hundreds of amazing films into our lives, and they have all gone down in history as some of the best of the best. After all, Walt Disney made his mark by reimagining some of our favorite fairy tales and bringing them to life – and he certainly hit the nail on the head with that one.

While Walt Disney may no longer be around, the Disney franchise continues to thrive, and new movies are released every single year for us all to enjoy. They’re perfect for those who are young, those who are old, and those who fit into that awkward middle stage, and most people love them because they’re the ultimate feel-good stories. However, what you might not realize is that there are some pretty dark and gloomy secrets hidden within these productions. Yes, it’s time to remove those rose-tinted glasses and see the disturbing secrets that Disney was hiding…

Pigs, I am your father

While Disney has made some epic feature-length movies, they have also created adorable little shorts that feature some of our favorite characters. You know, like The Three Little Pigs. This short film was released in 1932, and it seemed as though it was just an innocent story depicting the three pigs as they go about their daily lives. Unfortunately, it seems as though this short is a little darker than that.

That’s because there’s a stark reminder about the meat industry during one particular scene in the film. While the three little pigs sit around the piano and sing their songs, you can see a portrait of their father hanging in the background. However, this is not a picture of their fully-formed father, but instead a picture of some hanging sausages. That’s enough to put you off your dinner.

Seeing it in his eyes

There’s nobody in the Disney world like Gaston, and no matter whether you love him or hate him, there’s no doubt about the fact that he met a pretty gruesome end. There’s a high chance that you were too immersed in the drama of the Beauty and the Beast ending to really look at Gaston’s eyes, but if you did, you’d know that the whole thing was even more gruesome than you first thought.

As Gaston falls off the roof of the castle, the animators decided to add something into the mix that would truly solidify the fact that he was meeting his end. Yes, you can see skulls in his eyes as he falls to the ground below, and if that’s not enough to tell you that he didn’t survive the ordeal, then we don’t know what is.

An enduring legacy

Frozen is one of the newest stories within the Disney franchise, and while it may be new, it has certainly un-frozen the hearts of many. Anna and Elsa are the two main protagonists within this movie, but their parents’ story is one that has upset many since the first movie was released in 2013.

While it was suggested that King Agnarr and Queen Iduna disappeared at sea and lost their lives, it’s since been confirmed that their story is much darker than that. That’s because they didn’t lose their lives at sea, but rather were washed up onto a dense island in the middle of the ocean – and they even had their newborn son in tow. The parents ultimately lost their lives during a leopard attack, but their son survived. That son was Tarzan.

A crab dinner

The Little Mermaid is full of amazing songs and a wonderful storyline full of love and friendship, but have you ever stopped to think of the real story behind this tale? For starters, the original fairytale that this Disney movie is based on actually notes that Ariel is just 16 years old when she decides to give up her voice for legs and to follow her heart.

Not only is that pretty intense, but that’s before you realize that she gets up to all kinds of antics while she’s on land. When she sits down with Prince Eric to eat a delicious meal, the food underneath the silverware actually shows them eating a crab that looks suspiciously like her best friend, Sebastian. Apparently, human Ariel was totally fine with eating something that could have been her BFF.

A handsome throw rug

Those who have seen The Lion King will know that Scar is the ultimate villain, and there are some people who were happy to see him get his comeuppance at the end of the movie. What you might not realize, however, is that this character has also appeared in another Disney film – although he probably didn’t appreciate the mention.

If you cast your mind back to the beginning of The Lion King, you may remember a remark that Zazu made about Scar, noting that he would “make a very handsome throw rug.” Well, it seems as though that remark later came true, thanks to the wonder that was Hercules. This movie was released a few years after The Lion King, and it’s clear to see that the interior decorator of this film wanted a very handsome throw rug themselves.

Here’s Woody!

If you’re a fan of the Toy Story franchise, you’ll know that these movies are as far-removed from horror movies as possible. But what if we told you that this wasn’t the case? If you pop Toy Story 3 into your VCR and watch it again, you may notice a few similarities between this movie and Stephen King’s famous horror story, The Shining.

The similarities are pretty apparent when Woody and Buzz make their way into Sid’s house – and you just need to look at the wallpaper to see that for yourself. The decoration in this movie is a stark reminder of the decor that can be seen within the Overlook Hotel, and that’s before we even mention the number 237. The number of the infamous hotel room in The Shining can be seen throughout the whole movie.

Disney and his mom

Although most Disney movies are full of love and happiness, there’s no doubt about the fact that most protagonists have to go through a difficult journey to reach their happy ending. When you think about it, though, many of these protagonists have to do so without their mothers in tow. In famous movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, Finding Nemo, and The Fox and the Hound, the characters are motherless, and while this may seem like a strange coincidence, there’s actually a heartfelt reason for this.

That’s because Walt Disney bought his mother and father a house when he made his millions, but she passed away after a gas leak in the property. Walt felt personally responsible for her passing until his last days on Earth, so he made sure that all of his characters had to suffer the same fate as him.

The infamous photo

You’d like to think that such a big corporation as Disney would get everything right the first time, but it seems as though that isn’t the case. It’s often suggested that the animators behind this movie like to add in little jokes and easter eggs every now and then, and while these can be pretty cool when they’re PG and sticking with the theme, they can also cause a huge amount of controversy.

This was the case when The Rescuers was released on video. During one particular scene, the background of this movie showcases a photo on the wall – and the woman in this photo just so happens to be topless. Nobody quite knows how this image ended up in the final cut, but it’s safe to say that parents weren’t too happy about it.

Saying the wrong line

Aladdin is a feel-good Disney favorite, and there’s no doubt the fact that the story has resonated with countless people across the globe. While most fans can’t think of anything wrong with this production, there are others who have watched this movie and been a little confused – especially when it comes to one particular line.

While dressed up in his Prince Ali get-up, Aladdin is thought to have said a few words to Princess Jasmine that took some people by surprise. He reportedly said, “Good teenagers, take off your clothes,” and it’s not hard to understand why people would be shocked. Despite the fact that numerous watchers are convinced that these are the words coming out of his mouth, the actor who voiced Aladdin has stated that this wasn’t the case at all. Instead, he said, “C’mon, good kitty, take off and go.”

Racking up a huge bill

Although Disney is known for its animated productions, that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t released some seriously iconic live-action films over the years. The Santa Clause is one of them, but it seems as though one particular line in this movie has caused many parents to rack up a huge phone bill. That’s because Tim Allen’s character jokes about the phone number “1-800-SPANK-ME” – and you can probably see where this is going.

Disney obviously didn’t do their research when they released this movie, as this number was actually the number of an adults-only hotline focusing on something that isn’t really very PG. Without this knowledge, many kids rang the number hoping to speak to Santa. You probably don’t need us to tell you that they didn’t get through to the big man, and the line was later changed.

The confusing Beast

Beauty and the Beast is a classic fairy tale, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it’s a tale as old as time. While many people focused on the love between the Beast and Belle, it seems as though those who have paid more attention to the Beast have become a little confused. After all, he is slightly disturbing and pretty scary.

Although many have simply taken his appearance and not questioned it, others have wondered what creature he’s actually based on. Well, the animators behind this character have noted that he’s a conglomeration of countless animals. He has the mane of a lion, the head and beard of a buffalo, the eyebrows of a gorilla, the eyes of a human, the tusks of a wild boar, the body of a bear, and the legs and tail of a wolf!

Hearing the screams

Have you watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame? While it’s not one of the most popular movies within the Disney line-up, there are countless people across the globe who have watched it at least once. While the ending features a happily-ever-after, the general story is actually rather terrifying – especially when Frollo is involved.

His obsession with Esmerelda made for some seriously intense scenes, but there was one particular scene that is more disturbing than the rest. While producing this movie, the team behind this movie obviously wanted to make it as realistic as possible, which is why you can hear the screams of terror as Frollo sets fire to the houses in Paris. As the city burns below him, the sounds of those meeting their end just cannot be ignored – and it’s not something most people like to hear.

The ultimate truck stop

You probably don’t need us to tell you what the Disney movie Cars is all about, but what might surprise you is that this movie is full of innuendo – which many parents haven’t even realized themselves. In this movie, Lightning McQueen and Mac make their way to California, but like many drivers who are on the road for a long time, they decide to pull over and give themselves time to rest.

In fact, they make their way to the Top Down Truck Stop, which sounds like a normal truck stop, right? Well, it’s actually a little different. If you look closely at the same, you’ll be able to see that this particular truck stop offers “Convertible Waitresses.” When it comes to convertible cars and their human counterparts, this truck stop is more like a place that rhymes with “Booters.”

The bad dinosaur?

While The Good Dinosaur makes it seem as though this dino is one of the best creatures on the planet, the scenes within this Disney movie seem to suggest something different. That’s because this movie actually features a scene where Arlo and Spot eat some berries that they find lying on the floor. The next few moments show them with stars in their eyes and taken into a psychedelic trance that suggests that the berries are more than just the berries you would put in your smoothie.

The two characters soon find themselves giggling without being able to stop, and their low-hanging eyes suggest that they are eating some pretty special berries. Considering this is a children’s movie, that was a brave move by Disney to introduce such a theme. We wonder what parents thought of that?

The aggressive friends

There’s a high chance that you have sung along to the songs in Aladdin more times than you could count, and you may be pretty familiar with “One Jump Ahead.” As Aladdin makes his way through Agrabah and sings at the top of his lungs, he actually makes his way into a large room full of women in beautiful clothing.

While you could assume that these were just beautiful women added into the scene for the sake of it, it seems as though they actually serve a hidden purpose that some people may have missed. That’s because, if you look at their actions, you’ll realize that they are quite aggressive towards their unwelcome intruder. It’s been noted that this room is a harem, and the reason why they are so aggressive is because Aladdin hasn’t paid for their services in that room…

Breaking Baaaaad

Zootopia was released in 2016, and while it might not be considered to be one of the most classic Disney movies of all time, the adult themes are still apparent within this production. The whole movie is pretty epic, but did you know that one particular scene references a very well-known addition to the world of popular culture?

As Judy and Nick make their way into a science laboratory while trying to crack their case, they actually come across two sheep by the name of Jesse and Woolter. Keep those names in mind when you realize what these sheep are doing in the lab – as they are actually cooking up a suspicious-looking blue substance! Of course, this is a reference to Jesse and Walter from Breaking Bad, which is probably not something most kids have watched.

A disturbing play

The love between Hercules and Megara is a complicated one, as she makes no secret of the fact that she wants nothing to do with the hero at the beginning of the movie. However, as she eventually agrees to go on a date with him, Hercules then takes it upon himself to recap the date with his friends – and, of course, those at home.

It was during this recap that we learn that they went to go and see a play as part of their date, and that particular play was one called Oedipus. If you are familiar with this play, you’ll know that it isn’t your regular story. In fact, it’s pretty disturbing, as it follows a man as he falls in love with his mother and then sends his father to the fishes because of it.

The questionable pipe

Alice in Wonderland is one of Walt Disney’s earliest creations, and it’s one that he worked on personally – which can only be said for a small portion of the movies out there today. Because of this, it’s pretty iconic, but it’s also known for being pretty questionable. Most people know that the original movie focuses largely on illicit substances, and the story itself is weird and wacky.

This is also the case for the characters, including the lazy caterpillar. While this caterpillar could have been lazy because he just didn’t feel like doing anything that day, the secrets hidden in the movie suggest something else. That’s’ because the caterpillar is seen smoking a pipe throughout the movie, and smoking this pipe causes him to talk slowly, feel sluggish, and act rather aloof. So, we’ll leave you to figure out the rest.

Size doesn’t matter

Frozen has proved to be one of the most popular Disney movies of the decade, and there’s no doubt about the fact that children have fallen in love with the characters, the concept, and the soundtrack. While this movie was primarily made for children, it wouldn’t be a Disney movie without a few jokes slipped in for adults to enjoy.

In this movie, one of these jokes actually came from Anna, who is considered to be one of the most innocent characters within the movie. This joke came about when Anna and Kristoff were arguing about Hans, and how Kristoff didn’t think that Anna knew Hans enough to get married to him. During this, Kristoff asked about Hans’ foot size – to which Anna had a pretty hilarious response. She noted that size just doesn’t matter…

Getting flashed

Considering his importance and his fame within the world of racing, it should come as no surprise to learn that Lightning McQueen has amassed a huge amount of fans over the course of his career. Cars showed people at home just how much people loved him, and this was pretty apparent when Lightning was being swarmed by paparazzi, cameras, other cars, and countless fans – such as Tia and Mia.

When these two car enthusiasts noted that they were Lightning McQueens’ biggest fans, you can see that they flash their headlights at the famous car. While this probably meant nothing to you when you watched it, what if we told you that the human equivalent of flashing their headlights was flashing something on their body? The word “flashed” really does come into play here.

The knowing glance

Ratatouille is all about an unlikely friendship between a chef and a rat, and while it seems like a strange concept for Disney to work with, the movie has proved to be extremely popular. Linguini was the man who made his mark in the kitchen, and he was the one who befriended the rat, but it seems as though he was a little disturbed by something in one particular scene.

As he spoke to Collette about his rat, he decided to try and explain his rodent problem by stating that he had a “tiny… a little… little.” Alongside this, he also pinched his fingers together to show just how small it was – but Collette didn’t know that he was talking about a rat. In fact, she took a knowing glance down to a certain area of his body.

Getting a little excited

Toy Story is one of the most popular movie series within the Disney franchise, and it seems as though everyone across the world has seen at least one of the movies. If you’re one of them, you’ll know that Buzz Lightyear is one of the main characters – and he’s pretty awesome. In Toy Story 2, Buzz got pretty excited when he saw Jessie the Cowgirl make her entrance.

After all, she was a new addition to the movie, and she was a new addition to Andy’s room. This made her a hot commodity, and Buzz made sure that everyone knew it. When the animators were creating this movie, they decided to show that Buzz was extra excited when Jessie first came into view. His wings immediately flew up, and parents realized that it actually symbolized something pretty adult.

A very special toy

Let’s be honest; some of the toys in Toy Story are pretty creepy. While the likes of Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are fairly normal, some of their fellow toys are weird. Perhaps the most strange toys can be found in Sid’s house, as he loves nothing more than morphing some of the most-loved toys into monsters that look nothing like the original.

There were giant spider-dolls, there were ducks with robot arms, and there was even a hook-like product that featured long and slender legs. The disturbing thing about this toy is that it was designed and included in the movie to represent a certain person who enjoys the company of those who are willing to pay for it. The hook on the toy should tell you what kind of person that is.

Joking inside and out

While many of the movies created by Disney follow the tales of fairytales, there are others that are completely unique and created by the company. Inside Out is one of them, and this impressive take on the inner workings of a brain has made many people feel happy, sad, angry, and excited all at once.

Considering it was a creation of Disney and not the reworking of a fairytale, you would have thought that this story would be clean and without any strange or inappropriate messages – but that just wasn’t the case. This movie decided to make a pretty funny joke and one that centers on the LGBTQ+ community. When joking about not finding bears in San Francisco, one character decided to state that they had seen a bear with a hairy back just recently.

Naughty uncle Roger

If you have ever seen Monsters Inc., you’ll know that this movie centers around monsters whose job it is to go into young children’s’ rooms and scare them to consume the energy from the screams. While it’s most kids’ nightmare, the movie has proved to be extremely popular, and the characters and the storyline have been referenced countless times over the years.

It’s pretty easy to get sucked into the lives of Sully and Mike, but what you might not have realized is that there was a pretty disturbing secret hidden in one particular door. As Sully makes his way into a room to scare the screams out of his subject, the animation in front of you shows a picture drawn by the child on the wall. This picture depicts their mother and uncle Roger in a pretty compromising position.

Written in the stars

Although The Lion King is one of the most popular Disney movies out there, it’s fair to say that it has also been plagued with criticism over the years. One of the main reasons for this is because parents think that the whole movie is teeming with innuendo – and those who watch it now probably couldn’t help but agree.

One particular example of innuendo is when Simba plonks himself down onto the grass as the night sky looms above him. As his body touches the ground, a plume of dust particles makes their way into the air. This was supposedly a gimmick introduced by the special effects artists who wanted to write “SFX” into the sky, but the second letter isn’t exactly very clear. Because of this, many people have deemed it to be offensive and inappropriate.

Bump on the head

Hercules is a Disney movie that’s full of strong gods and people who have a huge amount of muscle, and this means that some characters find themselves in a spot of bother every now and then. This was the case when one of the River Guardians was konked on the head by Meg with a rather heavy and painful looking horseshoe.

If anyone were hit on the head by a horseshoe, it would leave a pretty impressive mark – but the particular mark left by this ailment was rather adult in terms of its appearance. In fact, many people couldn’t help but notice that the whole thing looked a little phallic. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that Disney movies were being accused of adding little phallic additions to their productions. It’s something they do a lot.

Something is missing

While there are some Disney movies that just roll off the tongue, there are others that many people forget about – and it’s fair to say that that’s the case for Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This movie was first released in 1988, and it was a rather strange concoction, due to the fact that it had both animated characters and real-life actors in the mix.

Jessica Rabbit was one of the animated characters within the production, but it seems as though the animators left out a rather important aspect of her appearance during one particular scene. As Jessica and Eddie are thrown out of a cab, Jessica is thrown around in the air before coming to a stop – and at that moment, we see that the animators threw open her legs, but forgot to give the character underwear in the process!

Keeping it hidden

There’s a high chance that you collectively screamed with everyone else in your household when Prince Eric stood in front of the minister to marry the evil Ursula in disguise, but what you might not have realized is that this particular scene was hiding something pretty disturbing. In fact, it was so disturbing that Disney had to change the animation when they were met with outraged cries of angst!

That’s because the minister standing in front of the unhappy couple seemed to be extremely excited about the fact that he was marrying the two of them – and this excitement was pretty obvious in the downstairs area. It’s believed that the animator behind this creation was in a rush to finish, so didn’t pay too much attention to this area. Thankfully, it was later changed.

Discrimination, discrimination, discrimination

Over the years, many people have called out the Disney brand – and even Walt Disney himself – for being a little behind the times. It’s been suggested that the movies that were made back in the day missed the mark when it came to equality and the absence of discrimination. To be precise, many of their productions have been called out for being inherently racist, and one particular movie that hasn’t gone down well with people is Dumbo.

While this movie primarily focuses on an adorable elephant as he goes about his life without his mother, there is one aspect of the movie that people just couldn’t get behind. That was the inclusion of the group of crows, which many people believe to be depictions of African-Americans. Of course, that kind of stuff just doesn’t fly in today’s society.

The worst offender

However, Dumbo isn’t the only movie within the Disney universe that has come under fire for being discriminatory against African Americans and people of different races. What’s different about this movie, though, is that you might not be familiar with it – because it has never been allowed to be released on video in the US.

Despite this, you may be familiar with one of the songs from 1946’s Song of the South, as this is where the popular ditty of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” originates. While this song is pretty awesome, the general concept of the movie is not, and many people have stated that the characters and the racial stereotypes within this film just cannot be forgiven. Many wonder how it was even created and released in the first place, as it’s so backward.

The horrifying history

When watching Beauty and the Beast, it’s easy to assume that the Beast doesn’t want Belle to enter the West Wing because of the wilting rose that hangs in the glass dome. However, when you think about it, the reality of this situation may be even more disturbing than that.

That’s because the main premise of this story is that the witch cast a spell on the people who lived in the castle at the time, and they were all turned into pieces of furniture. If this were the case, then all of the pieces of furniture that still lay within the West Wing should also come to life as quirky singers and dancers. Yet, they didn’t do that, and many conspirators have suggested that this is because the Beast took care of them – if you catch our drift.